A Network For Biblical Women

A site (and network of sites, soon) for women, by women, who know the great and Godly joy of being “barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen,” managing our households, helping our husbands, and training other women and children. We aren’t embarrassed by any bit of God’s word, and if you pay attention, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t be either.


This site will soon be the home of the Fruitful and Fearless podcast, but we’re not stopping there. We’ll be making it possible for many other trusted and Godly women to start their podcasts, and for you to find them, right here. 


We’ll feature written articles for women, by women, in all stages of life, for all stages of life. If you wish to submit articles, please reach out to us using the contact options found here on the site.

And More, Soon

We are just getting started at encouraging women to embrace biblical femininity and reject worldly feminism. We have some big ideas and developments in store. We hope you join with us in this work! 

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Common Questions

We’re excited you’re excited about what we’re doing here and wanna pitch in! There are a few ways to do that (and we’re always open to other ideas):

  • Submit written articles (use the contact form on the site here). 
  • Submit a show idea (it would help if you’ve already recorded multiple episodes or have a track record of past content creation).
  • Become an editor! We could definitely welcome help making sure words are tidy around here and make sense. Send us a message!
  • More soon… Any suggestions from you? 

The original Fruitful and Fearless podcast was started by Lexy Sauve and Jordan Sparks.

What has now grown into the FaF website and network is formed by multiple married couples. We’ll explain more soon.

The best way to get a feel for this would be to listen to the Fruitful and Fearless podcast.


We believe women can do far more than what the world and feminism tells them. They can embrace their God-given roles as helpmate and manager of their homes and find joy and satisfaction instead of the depression and destruction that feminism brings.