Gospel fueled courage for the Christian woman to remain faithful in her calling

We create and support media and community for women by women who know the glorious joys of biblical femininity. We reject the self-destructive lies of feminism for a wonderful life of the culturally-maligned “barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen” womanhood. We manage our households, help our husbands, train our children, and disciple women. We’re not embarrassed by any bit of God’s words or ways. We love how God made the world and told us to operate in it as daughters of the most-high King. We invite you to enjoy it with us

The Fruitful and Fearless Podcast

Gospel fueled courage for the Christian woman to remain faithful in her calling. The FaF podcast is lead by Jordan Sparks, and often features ladies from the network as well as many other special guests. Let us know of topics you’d like us to cover or guests we should feature!

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#133 Parenting Tips

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Along with the Fruitful and Fearless podcast, we feature written articles, videos, special trainings and resources on Godly femininity, productive households, health, and more. Content for women, by women, in all stages of life, for all stages of life. If you wish to submit or have suggestions for content, please reach out using the contact page on this site.  Together, we can encourage women to embrace biblical femininity and reject worldly feminism for the good of our neighbors and the glory of God.


While most of our content is available to all, our patron supporters who support the ongoing production of our content and hosting network for ladies get some members-only content and resources. We’re also considering putting together a multi-month, members-only virtual community for Godly ladies which would contain additional exclusive content, weekly chats, book discussions, and more.


Are you also a content creator? Make and sell goods? Tired of giving your money to pagan companies who hate you and want to see your content and values cancelled and shamed? We’re taking the tools we used to make this site and making them available for like-minded ladies to host their podcasts, blogs, shops, and more, with the proceeds going back into helping other women and advancing Christ’s kingdom. We are stronger when we work together. Use the contact page to tell us about what you’re saying or doing. 

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For the price of a fancy coffee once a month, you can support the work and women of F&F plus get access to exclusive content and community with unashamedly biblical ladies growing in wisdom and workmanship as women of God.

Links and Content From Other Ladies' Content In The Network (More Coming Soon)

Home With Kelli

Home. Local. Tribal.
The podcast, blog, shop, and resources of Kelli Tungay.

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Common Questions

We’re excited you’re excited about what we’re doing here and wanna pitch in! There are a few ways to do that (and we’re always open to other ideas):

  • Submit written articles (use the contact form on the site here). 
  • Submit a show idea (it would help if you’ve already recorded multiple episodes or have a track record of past content creation).
  • Become an editor! We could definitely welcome help making sure words are tidy around here and make sense. Send us a message!
  • More soon… Any suggestions from you? 

The original Fruitful and Fearless podcast was started by Lexy Sauve and Jordan Sparks.

What has now grown into the FaF website and network is formed by multiple married couples. We’ll explain more soon.

The best way to get a feel for this would be to listen to the Fruitful and Fearless podcast.


We believe women can do far more than what the world and feminism tells them. They can embrace their God-given roles as helpmate and manager of their homes and find joy and satisfaction instead of the depression and destruction that feminism brings. It’s feminism that limits women to subpar men.