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Give a one-time gift to support our work, or to sign up as a patron member and support our content production and network in an ongoing way. Patron members will have access to exclusive resources on Godly womanhood as well as exclusive access to a community of other women, right here on this site!

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By signing up to be a patron community member, you get the best value of all the ways to support Fruitful and Fearless, and so do we! 

We get you as a community member, and you get access to all the ladies of the F&F community! Post here on F&F to discuss life and questions with other biblical women, comment on podcasts and articles, and even private direct message (instant chat coming soon) with other ladies in the community. We’ll keep adding to the community features (like maybe a  searchable directory or products and services). 

You also get access to these exclusive perks, depending on the tier you sign up for:

  •  “Titus 2” Equipping Content – A growing collection of video recorded classes on numerous topics and skills pertaining to women of God keeping a home and raising children. Everything from sewing clothes and canning food to homeschooling children and more.
  • The F&F Book Club – A community of women who go through a book together, from fiction to theology, and discuss what they’re learning and share insights with one another.
  • A special Book Club Gift Box – This box is sent out periodically throughout the year in relation to the book club, and will contain curated gifts, goodies, and swag. 
  • The F&F Cookbook – A growing collection of family favorite meals from ladies in F&F network and their friends.
  •  The option of a monthly zoom call to ask or discuss anything with Jordan Sparks and her husband, pastor Jared Sparks.
*Note: If enough women sign up to make it economically feasible, we may roll out a mobile app to access the community and member-only content from as well.

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