…And Feeding The Family — The Fruitful and Fearless Cookbook

The Fruitful and Fearless Family Cookbook is more than just your new favorite cookbook… 

Avid listeners of the FaF podcast will know, we don’t think food is merely about nutrition. We think it’s also about putting God’s goodness and faithfulness on display. We’ll discuss that in this book with you and remind you of why you’re doing this important work.

Then, yes, we unashamedly aim to make this the best cookbook you’ll ever own and your favorite to use, pragmatically speaking as well. Of course we’ll have amazing recipes—tried and true favorites with our families—but, being avid cooks ourselves, we don’t want to just stop there. We want a book with pages that can stand up to spills, splashes, and years of cherished use—generations even. Not only that, we want it to be expandable, modular, and adjustable to how you prefer to organize and use your cookbook.

The more you share this pre-order with friends (or the more you buy for your friends), the easier it will be to make sure this is the best cookbook you’ll ever own.

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Reserve Yours Now!

We cannot guarantee a shipping date yet at this point, but we will begin shipping ASAP. We just want to warn you that it may be into 2021 before copies are in your hands. If you’re buying this as a gift for Christmas 2020, and the book isn’t ready, we’ll mail you a beautiful “placeholder” page that will explain the gift to your loved one and tell them what they’ll be receiving in the months ahead.


You can choose a greater quantity during the checkout process. We recommend a few extra as gifts for friends!