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  • Jenna Hutches

    September 29, 2022 at 8:38 pm

    Alright, I finished the book yesterday but needed to take some time to think about this one! First, what a bizarre book haha after I finished I was describing it to my husband and he just looked at me like “what?”. When you say the story and everything out loud it makes little sense if you didn’t read it. The start to the finish you can feel the declining in her mental state. I agree with Jordan that I would possibly relate this to something postpartum since she recently had a baby. I understand rest to a point especially after having a baby but even I go a little “stir crazy” postpartum when I want to get back to normal day to day but my body isn’t quite ready for that yet.

    I didn’t think at the beginning the husband was neglecting or not accommodating her but as the read goes on he belittles her a little bit. Saying “as your physician” or “I am the doctor”. I think a lot of her decline was the late of support from him or him listening to her. She was afraid to inconvenience him with her condition and scared to talk to him about it. I couldn’t imagine having a husband that didn’t take what I said into account.

    I will never understand mental illness because I personally have not struggled with it but I have a very close friend who does and she always says having her husband and her close friends to talk to about it really helps get it out of her head. She always says things to me and then pauses and goes “man that sounds crazy” but I always have to help her along the road of the thought and why she is having it. So with that being said, being alone in your own thoughts and not having support has to be so exhausting for her mind, especially with a mental illness. There are several mornings a week my friend calls or just wants to come over because she needs to get the thought out of her head. It was probably good she starting writing because that can be a form of that but she was even scared to be writing.

    I don’t think I can quite talk about all things wallpaper yet haha I am still trying to sort all that out. The ending for me was hard to follow so I am going to read that again today. What did you think about the ending? Why did he faint? What exactly did the scene look like when he walked in for him to have that response?