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Home Forums Book Club The Yellow Wallpaper Reply To: The Yellow Wallpaper

  • Jacy Cohen

    September 29, 2022 at 11:12 pm

    So Jenna, the ending. In the end she has ripped most of the wallpaper off of the walls and is manically crawling around the floor with her shoulder pressed into the wall (the groove). Seeing as how they were set to leave that day, I think the husband was so overwhelmed with how quickly she had declined, he couldn’t handle it. I completely agree with you about his behavior throughout the story. At first he seemed helpful, even though he wouldn’t quite listen to her. But near the end he was very patronizing, calling her little girl and talking down to her. If we think about it, we can be guilty of this as well. How do we speak to a very elderly family member who needs help with everything? How do we speak to people who have dementia? I actually heard an interview with a man about his new book “My Father’s Brain” on this very topic of how we care for those in decline. Interesting to think about. I also want to read the book “The Woman They Could Not Silence”. A true story about a woman who was put in a mental institution because her husband was angry with her. But I’m worried it will be too feministy.