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Home Forums Book Club A Brief Theology of Christmas Presents Reply To: A Brief Theology of Christmas Presents

  • Jordan Sparks

    October 8, 2022 at 5:47 am

    Well I completely loved this book! I know it’s supposed to be a two week read but I couldn’t put it down. I love that the entire premise of this book is basically like how did God show generosity to you? Ok do that. Seeing the 3 types of giving was really helpful as well. Tithe, offerings, and then celebratory giving. Interesting that even the pagans know how to give during times of celebration. Almost as it it’s engrained in our DNA as humans.

    Also loved the illustration with a dad giving his son a dollar to buy him a present with. All of what we have is on loan God and he has been unbelievably generous with us. May we in turn be generous with all of His that’s entrusted to us.

    I also loved the portion where he talked about those that give being a shrewd farmer. That giving is fertile soil. Just because the prosperity gospel folk have misused scripture doesn’t mean that we should why away from the promises of scripture when we give generously.

    I could say so much about this book but one more line that I thought was helpful was that burnout is a function of a bad input to output ratio. When we try to strive and give and do with our own fleshly willpower we will always burn out, but when we trust the lord to supply all that we need we are empowered.