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Home Forums Book Club A Brief Theology of Christmas Presents Reply To: A Brief Theology of Christmas Presents

  • Becki McNeely

    October 11, 2022 at 4:22 am

    I really loved this read too! I couldn’t put it down either Jordan! I blazed through it in an afternoon rest time. I loved seeing the three categories of tithes, offerings, and celebrations detailed out as well.

    When he talks about the difference between joy and misery at Christmas in regards to the heart of our giving to others, it reminded me of when I was little. Present opening was slow and peaceful. We didn’t tear through the presents. We distributed the gifts to everyone until each person had a little pile. Then we took turns opening one present each. I remember that even on leaner years, when my parents didn’t get each other gifts, they were so happy just to watch us be excited about our carefully chosen gifts. As a parent now, I can look back at those memories and understand that seeing their children joyful and excited about each present, big or small, was truly the best gift for them.

    I loved when he said “true receivers are being equipped to give. You are filled in the meal of communion, and then sent out into the world in order to overflow.” Last year, God blessed us by friends in a time of need. This year, he enabled us to love on others in similar ways. Love this picture of giving and receiving in the area of communion too.