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Home Forums Book Club A Brief Theology of Christmas Presents Reply To: A Brief Theology of Christmas Presents

  • Jenna Hutches

    October 13, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    I finished it! I loved the book and I really like being able to look at the gift giving in a theological way. Bo (my husband) and I always struggle with Christmas because of how much goes into it especially since he has a bigger family and our families continue to grow each year. This year we decided to do a “make the gifts” Christmas which after reading this book sounds even more fun. I love that I am using my hands to give fruit as a gift to my family and friends!

    I really loved how he talks about the relationship and the need between giving and receiving! It has helped me look at everything in a bigger picture than just Christmas gift giving. I also liked the separation of the three types of giving!

    Overall, great book and I enjoyed it a lot! Bring on Christmas gift giving and my favorite holiday season! I can’t wait to give and receive joyfully!