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Home Forums Book Club A Brief Theology of Christmas Presents Reply To: A Brief Theology of Christmas Presents

  • Jacy Cohen

    October 14, 2022 at 2:05 am

    I also love that he talks about being a good receiver. Maybe instead of saying “You shouldn’t have” when someone gives us a gift we should say “thank you for your thoughtfulness”! When we have been on the receiving end of meals from families in the church I have always apologized for people having to drive so far to drop the meal off. But if I’m driving to take someone else a meal, I don’t think a thing of it. If they didn’t want to give me a gift, they wouldn’t have. I just need to be thankful so many people love me.

    I also tend to grumble about the amount of toys my kids receive at Christmas. We have three kids and two of them have December birthdays (19th and 25th), so the gifts pile up very quickly in December. I can become ungrateful, thinking that people just don’t care how many junky toys I have to pick up off the floor every day. But this book has convicted me of my ungratefulness and being a bad receiver.