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  • Becki McNeely

    January 17, 2023 at 1:50 am

    I’m game for that Jacy!

    I have absolutely loved this book. I love the sweet friendship and balance among the sisters, the love they have for Marmee, the sweet friendship developing between Laurie and the March family, just everything. I have found myself lost in the story line and love Alcott’s engaging, and simple way of writing. It’s easy to follow, but still pulls you in. I loved when the girls were all sitting around and telling stories of their day, then Marmee turned their discontented situations into lessons through a story for them. I love that approach she took to teaching her girls lessons. I also cried like a blubbering fool when Mr. Laurence gave Beth the little piano that belonged to his granddaughter. The beauty of Beth going to thank him and just curling up in his lap, and how they each comforted different sorrows for each other, him losing his granddaughter and her missing her father (and probably late grandfather as well), just beautiful. Every chapter holds new charm and I love it.