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  • Brandy Presley

    March 10, 2023 at 6:24 am

    Marmee! She is my favorite. She is wise. She seems to have mothering down wonderfully!! I thought maybe the aunt because when the aunt came into the story each time I thought the situations were funny and amusing. 😂 I feel like Marmee had less parts than the other women but her lessons spoke to my heart.

    My least favorite was Jo as well. She does everything that I would probably advise her not to do. I felt myself kinda annoyed every time she talked 😂

    Anyone else feel chapter 38 when Marmee was talking with Meg?! oh my!! To my younger selfs heart. I felt it lol! Even more reason for me to enjoy her character. She leaves Meg saying, “If you think it seems good.” (Not saying I am right my dear do what I say) Such a sweet mother.